Dance projects

Inter_views (2009)
Current debates on telepresence and telematic forms of communication most often revolve around notions of immediacy and virtual representation. Following Bergson's idea of two memories: "recollection memory" turned towards the past and "contraction memory" oriented towards the future, this telematic performance proposes a mobile, 2-way site involving dance and sound that tests these notions of memory and their link to the perception of time and space.

Project funded by the Dancer Capability Research Fund, University of Chichester. Première: Festival H2PTM, Université Paris 8

  Paroles trouvées (2007)
Conceived with composer-conceptor Dominique Besson, Paroles Trouvées is an immersive installation composed of three intertwined scores : musical, videochoreographical and hydromechanical (optical). Interacting and synthesizing at times, the sound and visual environments, equally present, operate on the spectator’s receptivity in a new way.
    Festival international Bains Numériques #2, Enghien-les-Bains (2007), Festival Présences Electroniques, 104 Aubervilliers, Paris (2009)

    D’anna-chronique…pavlova moi and Annaphorique(s) (2004-05)

A multimedia scenography and video installation for the dance company La Ventura's production entitled D’anna-chronique…pavlova moi created during a residency at Le Théâtre Michel Simon, Noisy-le-Grand, in 2004.

Théâtre Michel Simon, Noisy-le-Grand (2005), Festival des Arts de la Scène de Basse Normandie (2004), Monaco Dance Forum (2006), Centre Dramatique de Vire, Basse Normandie (2006) and Concertguebow, Bruges (2006)

    Double Jeu (2004)
An interactive installation composed on four screens each displaying a different discipline - trapeze, trampoline, tumbling and tightrope - and offering the spectator a sense of the risks circus artists take. Created in a residency at the Académie du Cirque Fratellini coordinated by the CIREN (Centre International de Recherche de l’Esthétique Numérique) based at l’Université Paris 8.
    Jouable/Double Jeu, Académie de Cirque Fratellini, St-Denis (2004)

    Maâlem (2003)
Interactive video sections for CD-ROM in a collaboration with Olivier Koechlin (project conception, programming & photography), servovalve (graphics), Dominique Besson (electroacoustic score) and Mahmoud Gania and musicians.

    Scènes et gestes interactifs (2003)
A multimedia interactive dance project for CD-ROM created with students of the Dance and Visual Arts departments of l'Université Paris 8 in a workshop organized by the Centre National de la Danse, Pantin.

    DiaPH (2002)

An interactive installation in a collaboration with Olivier Koechlin, servovalve, Dominique Besson and Antoine Schmitt, created with an interface loan from France Télécom.

IRCAM Festival Résonances, Centre Pompidou, Paris (2002)

    Maâlem Experience (2001)

A multimedia performance with Mahmoud Gania and Gnawa musicians, Olivier Koechlin (conception, programming & photography), servovalve (programming & graphics) and Dominique Besson (electroacoustic score).

Le Triton, Les Lilas (2001), Le Festival des 38e Rugissants, Grenoble (2001), and Festival Latitudes Maghreb, La Villette, Paris (2002)

    Paysages Humains (2001)

A multimedia performance based on a novel by Nâzim Hikmet and created in a residency with theatre company Faim de Siècle at Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint Ouen, supported by a research grant from the Canada Council.

Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint Ouen (2001)

    Portraits and HipHop (2001)
Two interactive CD-ROMs created in workshops for theatre company Faim de Siècle at Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint Ouen, supported by a research grant from the Canada Council.

    Cuerpos en Go (2000)

An interactive installation created in a residency at l'Alliance Française for the Festival internacional de VideoDanza, Buenos Aires supported by a travel grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.

Festival internacional de VideoDanza, Alliance Française, Buenos Aires

    La morsure : Installation (2000)
Proposing an intimate dialogue between computer and spectator, the installation La morsure employs a narrative generator, touch sensitive interactivity and choreographic gesture as means to tell a story. Promoting a non-linear approach to narrative and offering several points of view onto the choreography, the work alternately places spectators in the role of passive witnesses of the story being revealed in real-time or as participants influencing the course of the narrative and "responsible" for its outcome.

    La morsure : CD-ROM (1998 - 2001)
A project combining dance, video, poetry and new technology, La morsure is a digitally interactive choreography inspired by Julio Cortazar's poem Le bûcher où brûle une on the themes of desire and betrayal. Establishing a dialogue between the computer and the spectator in which the virtual aspect of the creative process can be shared, the work proposes a new dance aesthetic and audience experience. Spectators participate in the elaboration of a choreography from a bank of over 400 virtual video images and in promoting a new approach to choreographic narrative and a more sensorial approach to images, the work also challenges how one views dance
    Le bûcher où brûle une : CD-ROM (1996)

A project combining dance, video, poetry and new technology, Le bûcher où brûlr une is an interactive choreography inspired by Julio Cortazar's poem of the same name.

Première at Festival Artifices 4: Langages en perspective, Salle de la Légion d'Honneur, Saint-Denis.


Stage choreography

La boîte (1994) - coproduction Danse-Cité, Volet Chorégraphes, Agora de la danse / staging by Paula de Vasconcelos
Galerie Observatoire 4 / Montréal
Fred and Betty
(1993) - collaboration with Howard Richard, Série des Majeurs, Tangente, Montréal, Hiawatha Arts Festival,
Ste-Agathe John Abbott College, Ste-Anne de Bellevue
Sacré Coeur (1991) - Theatre of the Heart / New York / Hivernales d'Avignon / Paris
The Clothesline (1991) - performance with the dancer-actor Kevin Segal / Montréal
Confitures de Gagaku (1986) - Les Événements de la pleine Lune / Montréal - multidisciplinary creation with 5 dancers,
11 musicians, film & narration by Pierre Hébert (National Film Board of Canada)
Rialto Ripples (1985) – choreographic workshop / Les Grands Ballets Canadiens / Montréal
À L'Aube (1984) - Spectacle pour la Paix with the jazz group Mara / Québec
Chant Premier (1983) - Festival Danse au Canada / Ottawa
Winterscapes (1981) - multidisciplinary creation with Vincent Wong, photographer and Wesley Lowe,
compositor / a commission for the Ontario Arts Council / Festival Danse au Canada
The Monster (1981) - commission for the Creative Artists in Schools programme / Ontario Arts Council
Mara (1981) - improvised performance with the jazz group Mara / Institut Canadien / Québec
Solo avec Mô Jazz (1977) – televised performance / Grand Théâtre de Québec
Chopin Pas de Deux (1977) - commission for DansePartout Co. / Grand Théâtre de Québec


Scènes St-Denis (2009 remount) - (12') film, choreography & interpretation presented at Prisma Festival, Oaxaca and Mexico City
Paroles trouvées
(2007) - (18') dance film presented at Montage Video Dance Festival and FNB Dance Umbrella, Johannesburg;
JOMBA!, Durban; and The National Arts Festival, Grahamstown
Anaphorique(s) (2005) - video installation with choreographer Anna Ventura presented at the Festival des Arts de la Scène de Basse
(2004) and at Monaco Dance Forum (2006)
Ghalb El Louz (1997) - (25') vidéodanse for the choreographer Soraya Djebbar / Paris
Trois portraits (1996-97) - (15') portraits-vidéos of 3 Montreal choreographers
Sacré Coeur (1996) - (10') film & interpretation for a video-performance presented at the festival Hyperception
16e Rencontre Arts et Électronique
with 32 artists at Lavoir Moderne Parisien / Paris
Scènes St-Denis (1995) - (12') film, choreography & interpretation / Paris
Cité de la Santé Laval (1992) - (5') film, choreography & interpretation, collaboration with Howard Richard