Maâlem Experience (2001-02)

multimedia scenography in real-time

Mahmoud Gania and musicians : music and dance
Olivier Koechlin : conception, programming and photography
Andrea Davidson : interactive video and live video capture
servovalve : programming and graphics
Dominique Besson : electroacoustic score
Valerie Faidherbe : video tracking

Coproduction: Le Festival des 38e Rugissants, Grenoble,
and Festival Latitudes Maghreb, La Villette, Paris

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Festival Latitudes Maghreb, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris, 2002
The project Maâlem Experience, a collaboration with Olivier Koechlin, servovalve, Dominique Besson and Mahmoud Gania, master of a Gnawa dynasty from Marocco, involved a first phase of multimedia scenography and real-time manipulation of images for live performances at Le Triton, Les Lilas (2001); Le Festival des 38e Rugissants, Grenoble (2001); and Festival Latitudes Maghreb, La Villette, Paris (2002).
Aimed at developping a virtual dramaturgy around the dancer-musicians on stage and creating a new form of visual and spatial writing, the choreography inscribed a circular form of movement on and between four 8m screens from a four-partitioned computer score controlled in real-time. The project also involved my filming the dancers live, with their images being projected on two screens, while a programme treated and transformed the images, reprojecting them onto the other two screens.